We’re back! Sort of….

We’re back! Sort of…

(My handsome friend for the week…)

Thanks to Thaine, my tech guru, the Idiot’s Kitchen website is back up and running. We still have a ways to go and there is a total redesign in the works, but in the short term, the ability to post links to recipes has been restored.

Three cheers and cookies for life go to Thaine.

Three cheers also for everyone who sent me comments and suggestions for the website re-org. I appreciate all of your ideas!

Meanwhile, I’m up in what is still the frozen north. Minnesota did not get the memo about spring….

This is unacceptable.

However, what makes this week not only bearable but SUPER AWESOME is…

You guessed it…

CATS! I always stay with my friend Larry and this week he is hosting not only me but 2 super fluffy cats. They belong to his neighbor but I might catnap them.

Of course, they don’t like me at all…

This is Bella and the handsome mustachioed gray and white gentleman is Hunter. Although by the end of next week he will be answering to Hampton because I keep using the name of my sister’s gray and white cat every time I talk to him.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d show you a bit that has been going on in my old neighborhood.

Behold the Hi-Lo Diner! They restored and moved this historic metal diner all the way from Pennsylvania to Minneapolis.

It’s a fabulous building and great addition to the neighborhood. When (not if) you go, you must have a Santa Ana Winds cocktail. And a chocolate shake. And maybe a burger. And try the pulled pork chili.

I’m hoping they eventually put a few more gluten free options on the menu but for now, I can be quite happy sitting at the counter sipping a Santa Ana…which is on tap and made with locally distilled spirits from Tattersall Distilling Co.  I’m telling you, little Minneapolis has it going on.

Speaking of gluten free options, I rarely if ever take pictures of my food in restaurants (I’m too busy snarfing it down and I do more than enough picture taking at home) but THIS made me deliriously happy today.

Slow roasted pork served on arepas with slightly sweet plantains from Cafe Racer Kitchen right down the block from my old house in Minneapolis.

As someone who has to be gluten free now (not by choice or I wouldn’t do it), I’m used to having to cobble together meals from the a la carte section or order yet another salad so I was SO happy to have this for lunch today. The beauty of arepas is they are made with corn so are very friendly to the GF.

So, that’s a little bit of my week here in Minnesota. Or at least the parts that aren’t spent in the car or in rehearsal.

Thanks again for putting up with the big delay. 

Hampton/Hunter will help me get a new recipe up soon!

Seriously. That face kills me.

Let me know if you need more cat pictures because I only have about 20 more of those…

xo – C & co.

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  1. Looooooove arepas, and even more with plantains. There’s a ‘nothing but arepas’ place relatively near me and everytime I go I proclaim them the most fantastic food ever.

    Boy, do those host cats show their love right away. How do they feel about the high notes? 🙂

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