About Idiot's Kitchen

Welcome to Idiot’s Kitchen! Come on in…open the cabinets….rattle the pots and pans.

Think you can’t cook? Don’t despair! We’ve got you covered. Idiot’s Kitchen offers step by step instructions with photos for every recipe. Simply read and follow along and you’ll be cooking tasty meals, scrumptious desserts, fancy schmancy appetizers and more in no time.

If you already know your way around the kitchen, come on in anyway. You never know when you might find a delicious recipe or two to add to your cooking repertoire. (that’s a music word…more on that later)

My name is Claudia. That’s me with the flute. Confused yet?


I’m a classically trained, professional musician. When I’m not off fluting, I’m usually cooking up something crazy in the kitchen. First rule of working with musicians — they CAN be bribed with food.

I began cooking as a kid when my mean (not really) parents REFUSED to buy me an Easybake Oven. My dad (who really is quite a lovely and kind person in spite of his REFUSAL to buy me an Easybake Oven) asked, “What kind of cake do you think you can bake with a lightbulb?”

Good question.

So, my dad said that I could use the big, kitchen oven….And we’re off! Cakes were my specialty for the first few years. Everyone, and I mean everyone, cats included got “spectacularly” decorated cakes for their birthdays. It was especially touching when I made humans and cats share the same decorative space on the cakes. “Happy Birthday Jean and Smokey!”

Years later, still no Easybake Oven, but I’m still cooking.

Only now I bake cakes full of rum.

Welcome to the Kitchen!