St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner! 

Doesn’t that look good? My lovely sister sent me this photo today and now I’m so hungry for a good corned beef St. Patrick’s Day Dinner!

For me St. Patrick’s Day Dinner needs exactly what you see here, boiled cabbage, potatoes & carrots, and tender corned beef.

Good thing we’ve got you covered on these recipes.

Click HERE for the Best Baked Corned Beef – This takes you to the step by step recipe post.

And here’s the printable recipe:

The Best Baked Corned Beef and Shopping List

This baked corned beef (pictured above) is tender and full of flavor. The potatoes and carrots were roasted on a tray (toss with a little olive oil and salt & pepper…use parchment paper so they won’t stick) on the bottom rack of the oven for the last hour and 15 minutes that the corned beef cooked. The cabbage was quartered and nuked in the microwave for 5 minutes.

Easy and, important to my sister, no stinky house.

Because the other favorite family way of cooking St. Patrick’s Day Dinner is to create the big old pot of boiled dinner and veggies all together.

Click HERE for Boiled Corned Beef & Cabbage

Those two links should get you going in the right direction. Pick up some soda bread and Irish butter, maybe a Guinness or two (Irish Whiskey for me, please) and you’ve got a party!

On a side note, sorry I’ve been MIA here for the past month or so. Opera season is in full swing and every day I am driving and playing and driving and playing. I love it but it doesn’t leave time for much else in my life. I’ll be playing Puccini’s Madama Butterfly on St. Patrick’s Day so we will have our corned beef dinner on Sunday or Monday. Oh well, late corned beef is still way better than no corned beef! Hope to be back to more regular posting in April. 

Thanks to my sister Paula for the photo and reminder that I need to go buy a corned beef now before they run out! – C



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  1. I was lucky enough this year to have someone else make the traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal. She used a crock-pot, since she was working on Thursday (the night of our meal) and while she skipped the potatoes (I KNOW), the cabbage that cooked all day in the crock-pot was sensational. (She also did the microwave trick for some fresh green cabbage since the cabbage in the slow cooker was rather brown.)

    I’m making a chocolate stout cake for Sunday, AND your rum cake.

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