Safety First! Or…Be Not an Idiot

Note to Self: The time to discover that your fire extinguisher does not work is NOT when the neighbor’s kitchen is on fire!

True Story. Thankfully with a happy ending.

Our neighbor was invited to join us for Thanksgiving dinner. She came over to our house but then had to run back home to grab something. Thank god she did because she found that her microwave/vent hood had malfunctioned and was on fire! Billowing smoke, flames, scary stuff.

She did all the right things, called 911, stayed calm, and tried to use her fire extinguisher before things got out of hand. Her fire extinguisher did not work.

We all ran up the block to try to help and OUR fire extinguisher did not work either. A third neighbor…you guessed it.

Fortunately they had an extra extinguisher in the garage and were able to get the fire put out just as the fire department arrived. (For my part, I grabbed their dog and headed out the door…I’m no dummy…save the dog!)

The good news is that everyone is fine and her kitchen only has minimal damage.

But WHAT IF!!!! What if she had not run back home? What if they had not found a working fire extinguisher when they did?

The firemen told us that you should check the charge on your fire extinguisher every year just like you are supposed to check/change the batteries on your smoke detectors.

So, consider this your Idiot’s Kitchen Public Service Announcement! If you don’t own a fire extinguisher, go buy one. If you already have one, check the charge and be sure it works. The time to think about these things is decidedly NOT when your friend’s kitchen is on fire.

And for those of you already doing your Christmas shopping, I think fire extinguishers make GREAT gifts! I know this for a fact because our neighbor came over and gave us a new one on Saturday.

Safety first, my friends. Be prepared, it’s not only the Girl Scout motto, it’s good sense!

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  1. I’m so happy there was a happy ending here!
    We have several FI in our house, and I am guilty of NOT knowing if they are still good.
    Guess what I am doing this weekend???
    Thanks for sharing.

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