Favorite Things – Pineapple Coring Gadget

Pineapple Coring Gadget

Friends! You know how much I love a good kitchen gadget.

I’ve even made lists of my Favorite Things & Gifts for the Cook to share the gadget love with you at the holidays.

How is it then, that I have lived my entire life without a Pineapple Coring Gadget?

Lovely Sister & brother in law to the rescue! They bought one of these, tried it out at home, and immediately had the great idea that, “Claudia needs one of these!”

Yes, yes she does. Happily they ran out, bought a second one, and gave it to me last week.

Since then it has been a fresh pineapple bonanza around these parts.

Take a look at how slick this is…


Cut the top off the pineapple and insert the bottom of the corer.

Turn the handle, which has a built in ratchet so you don’t kill your arm, and press down as the slicer goes down and around inside the pineapple.

Once you reach the bottom, pull the slicer out and the pineapple flesh come right along with it.


Look how there is no waste. No more cutting away those little eyes and mangling your nice pineapple.


Even better, the pineapple comes out perfectly sliced into rings!

Take the handle part off the slicer and the pineapple slides right off.


The core comes out of the middle and you just toss it away.

Super easy to clean and it comes apart so you can store it conveniently in your kitchen drawer.

I have NO patience for cutting up pineapples so I have been overpaying at the store to have them do it. Those pineapples aren’t nearly as juicy, having sat in the produce section for days, and are always much more expensive than buying the whole pineapple.

Plus, if you live in Florida, you can take that pineapple top out and plant it in your yard. It’s true!

This handy gadget was too good to save until the next holiday gift list, but you can bet it will be included.

It’s made by OXO/Good Grips and you can find them in most stores or on amazon.

Thanks, Lovely Sister (and Mike) – I LOVE this thing!

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  1. My first corer was a good plastic which I used so much I wore it out and broke it. Now I have the OXO metal model. Worth every penny of the cost!

  2. Are you kidding me??? Where has this been all my life? I had no idea…..pineapple is my favorite, but I hardly purchase them because of all the work! Pineapples for everyone!

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