Easy Carrot Salad!

My mom used to make this when I was a kid and it was my job to grate the carrots. I never minded because whoever did the grating got to eat the little carrot nubs too.

We always called this Carrot & Raisin Salad but I was afraid that if I put raisins in the title, people like my husband would skip right over this recipe.

Besides, the last time I made this, I used Craisins or dried cranberries instead of raisins and I think I might like that even better.

This is one of those good old fashioned salads – super simple to make and it goes with everything!

Here’s what you need:

Carrots, Celery, Lemon (optional, not pictured), Raisins or Craisins, Mayonnaise, Salt & Pepper

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(Shhhhh…the kitchen helpers are snoozing.)

To plump them up a bit, soak about ½ cup of raisins or dried cranberries in 1 cup of hot (near boiling) water.

Let these hang out while you do the grating and chopping.

Finely chop 1-2 ribs of celery. Peel & grate 1 pound of carrots on the large holes of a box grater.

You could also use the food processor but I get tired of cleaning it for things I can easily grate by hand.

Place the carrots and celery in a large bowl.

Add about ½ cup of mayonnaise and the juice of 1 small lemon and stir to combine.

If you need to add more mayo, do it one dollop at a time until you get the creaminess that you desire.

I tend to like salads fairly lightly dressed so I probably used less mayo than others would use.

I also added the lemon juice for a little more zing. The original recipe (Mom’s) never used lemon but I like it.

Season lightly with salt & pepper.

Drain the raisins and add them to the bowl. Give everything a stir and a quick taste to adjust the seasoning.

You can chill this in the fridge or eat it right away.

It also keeps for a few days in the fridge and is great leftover.

Plus, eating carrots will improve your eyesight and turn your hair red!

At least that’s what I’ve been told…

Here’s the recipe:

Easy Carrot Salad

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it so keep Easy Carrot Salad in mind if you need an extra simple salad or side dish to go with your turkey dinner!




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  1. Duke’s Mayonnaise! Something I’ve heard about but never seen. Isn’t there another unique-to-the-south brand of mayo?

  2. Duke’s Mayonnaise is a great Southern Mayo! But Hellman’s is still better. The only Mayo I would not recommend is Kraft’s.

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